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A Crypto Classification Framework

Understanding the Pieces of The Programmable Global Economy

Executive Summary

The Cryptographically Secured Asset (Crypto) is a rapidly emerging investment class. The evolution and convergence of computer science, communications, automation, artificial intelligence, and economics is enabling market participants to define, unlock, and exchange value across various economic rubrics that are cryptographically secured. Each crypto is secured by an algorithm that attempts to govern consensus within the economic model that the crypto defines. The technical design, approach, and details are nuanced by use case, community, and purpose. The footprints are vast, overwhelming, and need structure to understand. Traditional models do not suffice.


Crypto assets are opening new economic paradigms. Cryptographically secured assets have the potential to impact all industries, and the revolutionary convergence of combined knowledge bases is demanding an extreme learning curve.

We believe the programmable global economy is upon us. While there are incredible sociological implications to consider for a world where autonomous districts, corporations, and citizens exist, our efforts are focused on educating the masses so that less of us wonder: What is it?

In this paper, we share our views and framework for classifying Crypto assets. Our goal is to help bridge the gap in understanding and paint a picture of how the puzzle pieces fit together. Each category may change over time with community input and changes to the overall landscape of digital assets. We anticipate consolidation, regulation, and innovation will play a large part in the future of any framework due to the fast pace of development and varying levels of adoption. Several protocols and sectors will likely move into a legal framework as regulation unfolds.

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